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Born Ruffians front-man Luke Lalonde is side-stepping out onto his own on his first solo album dropping at the end of the month. Lalonde started writing and recording RHYTHYMNALS(which drops October 30th) over the past two years during the downtime from his day band (but no worries they aren’t breaking up or anything!).

The album:

was originally centred around the notion of sound existing whether we do or not and our unique ability to interpret it and manipulate it. But in the end the album ended up sprawling outward to narratives about gender confused couples, a man who hates his boyish looks so he cuts his face up, long distance relationships and rejection.

Pretty heavy stuff, eh? Well anyway, from what I’ve heard it musically has a really great light, poppy kind of feel and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Check out the lovely first single below and pre-order Rhythymnals over at Paper Bag Records.

Undone – Luke Lalonde

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