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A door is always open if it isn’t closed.

In Living Colour – Land & Peoples   Dreamy pop that swirls around your eardrums, these Baltimore natives have already won my heart. “In Living Colour”is a track full of “ohhs” and hazy guitars, not overcomplicated yet you’re still left with such a lush sound. Check out their latest here.

Montana – Youth Lagoon   I love listening to lo-fi music loud. Hearing the amplified tape-hiss kind of just warms me up and Youth Lagoon is no stranger to that. “Montana” builds and builds, layering piano and electric guitar, soon handclaps and more. It’s basically everything I could ask for in a song.

Marathon Runner – Yellow Ostrich   Besides being a fantastic track off their new album, Strange Lands, we actually witness what was once a bedroom pop project turn into a flush three-piece right before our eyes. I love the evolution.

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